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Data Center Services

Relocations and Installs That Keep You in Business

ProActive offers a range of services that make it easier to manage, move or install equipment in your data center.


We will handle all details related to moving your data center equipment from one location to another. Specifically, we’ll perform:

  • Pre-move/Staging Activities. We’ll conduct walk-throughs at origination and destination lab sites; label and box all equipment; and assemble necessary tools and moving equipment, including dollies and machine carts.
  • De-racking. We’ll label and document all equipment prior to de-racking in a way that ensures re-racking accuracy, de-cable devices and label appropriately, and secure and label rail kits and place them with corresponding equipment.
  • Re-racking. We’ll receive equipment from our transportation vendor partner, re-cable and re-rack all machines, and test the power and connectivity of all re-installed equipment.
  • Post-move Activities. We’ll verify the proper installation and cabling of all equipment and conduct site cleanup.


ProActive can install new equipment in your existing data center, with minimal disruption to your current operations. We’ll receive and unpack the new machines, put them in place, connect all cables and make sure that everything runs properly.

Inventory/Asset Tagging

ProActive can inventory every piece of hardware in your data center or server room so you’ll know how much equipment needs to be moved during a relocation and can quickly see that everything has been delivered on the other end. We can also provide you with an “elevation chart” that shows the exact location of each server in the data room. This includes the specific rack, row and U location of all equipment.

We also offer asset tagging that helps you keep track of the hardware you’ve purchased over the years. Our technicians will affix a label with a unique asset number to each piece of equipment. Then we scan the labels and record them in a spreadsheet or database that helps you keep track of everything.

Port Mapping/Cabling

ProActive can trace each cable that’s patched into a server, document where it’s connected and even label where it’s plugged in using your data room naming scheme. You can then update this document as you move equipment around so everything stays connected in a way that optimizes your data center operations.

When relocating your equipment, we can create or use your existing port mapping document to ensure that every server cable is connected properly in the new location.